Previous Research


Central Plant Optimization for Waste Energy Reduction (CPOWER) - ESTCP Project

A joint project with Honeywell aimed to reduce energy consumption of cooling and heating plants by using optimal control.


MPC for EPMO (Energy Performance Monitoring and Optimization),  jointly with United Technologies Research Center (UTRC).

This research focuses on the control of HVAC system of two buildings and a chiller plant for demonstration of a campus-scale EPMO prototype on a DOD campus.

The objective of this research is to design a predictive controller in order  to minimize energy consumption of the two buildings with a large number of zones and the associated chiller plant in real time.

BLOM - Berkeley Library for Optimization Modeling

BLOM is a language of modeling dynamical nonlinear systems for optimization problems, especially MPC. BLOM was developed in the MPC lab at UCB to address  the need in a tool that allows fast, easy and error free formulation of optimization problems. 

Covariance Selection, and Algorithms for Distributed
Estimation Based on Gaussian Graphical Models

This research work was done in Technion -IIT during M.Sc. studies. The goal of this work is development of distributed estimation algorithms. In this work I show that existing estimation algorithms are  sub-optimal for a large class of distributed estimation problems and propose an optimal one.

More details can be found in the research thesis and publications page.